Bedtime Max

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Oil Soluble Solution

Bedtime, our MTC oil based oil soluble additive offers fast acting relief and ease of use when you need it. Bedtime Max is our maximum strength oil soluble additive.


15ml Bottle with child proof/tamper evendent cap


1500mg total


NutraHemp, MCT Oil, Natural Peppermint Flavor


One of the most demanded CBD products is the CBD tincture. Bedtime Max is the perfect choice for your MCT tincture or oil based CBD product. Bottle Bedtime Max as is at 100mg/ml for the most potent experience, or dilute with your choice of oils and oil soluble flavorings for a crafted touch. Bedtime Max contains the highest grade of C8/C10 MCT, giving you quality you can feel. We add natural peppermint flavoring to help with falling asleep fast!

How to use Bedtime Max

Add your desired dose into butter, cooking oil, or any other oil based consumable or topical, and mix until fully incorporated. For fast relief try Bedtime Max sub-lingually.