Black Fairy

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The second of the "Fairies" comes to life with Absinthe and Blackberry with of course, an added twist. This time, the twist is not menthol. It's a smooth subtle absinthe vape that will leave your taste buds tingling on your tongue. 

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  • 5

    Posted by Clayton Horning on 12th Dec 2020

    It tastes like black licorice or Moxie soda. I found that vaping Black Fairy while eating black licorice and drinking Moxie & Jaegermeister is an enlightening and intoxicating experience.

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    product black fairy

    Posted by dominique ROSIER on 27th Dec 2019

    Depuis bientôt 6 ans je n'ai pas changé de produit
    Totalement satisfait

  • 5

    Posted by dominique rosier on 13th May 2019

    Fidèle depuis 5 ans à ce produit

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    Black Licorice !!

    Posted by Josh on 4th Feb 2018

    This vape juice just wasnt for me. There was a ton of flavor but I did not enjoy the flavor because I do not like black licorice. This is my own fault I should have known it was going to taste this way because of the absinthe. I gave it four stars because the juice vaped very well and had a ton of flavor and was on point for what it was supposed to be. The bottles with the drippers work extremely well for my Geek vape avacado tank and smaller fill port. I want to try more of their juices and may use the rest of this 50/50 juice to dillute other flavors or create a mixture.

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    Good stuff...

    Posted by Eleanor Peterson on 8th May 2017

    I have a few favorites and this is definitely one of them. Love licorice!!

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    That'sa Licorice Vape!

    Posted by Goodman on 8th Dec 2016

    Scoured the web for a good absinthe/anise vape and was stoked when I found this. Just got it today. I'm a big absinthe vape fan, but wooooo-doggie! That's a lot of black licorice taste. Pretty strong for an all day vape. Definitely more on the licorice than the blackberry side, but i can dig it. If you like this type of vape, it'll do the trick. Looking forward to trying the other Fairy Juices.

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    Delicious! Unusual, fresh, clean taste. In my new top list of ten.

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Sep 2016

    I just love it. The taste is very unusual, but sweet without being candy tasting and sophisticated blend.

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    Taste like black liquorice

    Posted by HOLLIS BARNES on 29th Aug 2016

    Its a good made juice,

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    Great Flavor...

    Posted by Rian on 18th Aug 2016

    ...but, it's a bit much for me to vape a lot at once. I love absinthe, and am a fan of the Shamrock Fairy, but Black Fairy comes across as too sweet for me. I was a menthol smoker for over twenty years, and that may be why I enjoy the Black Fairy less than the Shamrock. (Not to my surprise) I'm happy I tried Black Fairy, and will have no problem vaping this while sipping the real deal. It definitely lives up to the description, and fans of Good n' Plenty candy will recognize the unique flavor. Black Fairy is a great vape to add to the collection, but they can't ALL be my favorite!