The Hatter

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A completely original white tea with a splash of earl grey, youth berries and subtle notes of citrus.

The Hatter is bold, original, unique and a little quirky, just like the beginning of the vapor industry. A select few people with some big dreams were trying to find their place in the world. Armed with very little resources and a lot of ingenuity, these people pursue a crazy dream that could potentially change history and help society rid itself of a big problem. In the beginning, we were looked at as mad scientists and we seemed to be chasing an impossible dream. However, we know that it takes a crazy idea to impact lives and change the world.

There is nothing like The Hatter. He cannot be duplicated. The Hatter stands on the playful side of truth. There is no rhyme or reason with him, yet somehow he makes perfect sense, much like a variety of different flavors thrown into a bottle. Some are sweet, some are savory, some are fruity and even a little sour. The flavors come together to form a perfect balance. They playfully trick your mind into being at the tea party. With all the desserts being passed around, you will certainly need something to wash it all down. The Hatter delivers a perfect white tea, mixed with a splash of earl grey, youth berries, and hints of sweet citrus. This is a drink so divine that it can't be found in the real world. As you drink, you see a magical Cheshire Cat fly by, look at you and say, "We're all mad in here!"

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  • 5
    My fave

    Posted by VapourQ on 20th Oct 2018

    This is a beautiful tea vape! It’s been my favorite ejuice for over a year. If you want something different and that’s not bakery, give this one a try!

  • 4
    has a tea taste but a bit medicinal

    Posted by Chilled Water on 8th May 2017

    I like the fact its high VG, its smell from the bottle is true to the description, and overall I dig it. However it slightly reminds me of an over the counter cough suppressant on the exhale. I think it's better than most juices I've tried and an innovator in the category. Not sure I'd do it as an adv.