Melon Boba

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The best medley of melons infused with a hint of cream as well as a refreshing hint of mint. A blast of relaxing and sweet flavors balanced to perfection.

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    Melon boba

    Posted by Gabriela on 18th Jun 2020

    I have tried several different brands and this flavor holds up with the right amount of sweetness but not overhaul

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    Sweet tasty vape!

    Posted by Tracy on 18th Feb 2018

    Taste good would love to have tasted more watermelon flavor tho.

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    Best sweet vape I've had

    Posted by Gerry on 13th Feb 2018

    I love GLV's tobacco vapes, and I'm ordering 120 ml of both Reserve Lines every order also. But to get to the free shipping point, probably a masterful marketing idea, I always get a flavor I haven't tried yet. It was Melon Boba's turn this time.

    I've always liked a "fruity" vape now and then but don't vape them very often. But, I made myself let this 30ml bottle sit for a week before I filled up a tank. Now a week later and enjoying even more flavor I had to write my first review here and say, "Well done GLV"!

    The mint flavor with this is subtle but it's there enough that the fruity melon isn't overpowering and just candy flavored. And now that I've let it sit some the creamy is coming out a bit and it's getting even more complex. My hope is that they would make up a huge batch and put this on the Reserve Line also so it would be nice and aged by the time it got up to Michigan.

    But until then I'm planning on buying a 120ml bottle with my next order. Plus the company is just top notch. I just got done talking to the sales dept. and inquiring about a Valentine's sale. Although she didn't know at the time, she did give me a coupon code for 20% off. Also, these big 120ml bottles do not work so well sometimes filling tanks, so my last order I asked for a couple of empty 30ml. Order fulfilled, might not sound like a lot but it meant they appreciate my hard earned dollar. I'm so glad you guys exist, I'll never order from another, you have everything I need as far as juice goes.

    Oh, and Melon Boba pairs wonderfully with a Mandarin Vodka tonic. Which may or may not explain a long review :)

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    melon boba #1

    Posted by karen on 9th Sep 2017

    I always like to try different flavors, that's how I started with Goodlife . But I found myself ordering Melon Boba every month. No matter what I vape, Melon Boba has the most flavor . This is my favorite juice , ever . I always come back to it . Even order the larger size .

  • 5
    Only tobacco ejuice until tasting this.

    Posted by Teresa Organ on 3rd Sep 2017

    Wow....what great flavor and clouds. This praise coming from someone who has never liked any fruity, desserty, ejuice. Always have vaped tobacco because no other flavors appealed to me....until this. Love this!

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    best juice ever

    Posted by Trent Martin on 18th Aug 2017

    I have tried close to 100 different brands and types of eJuice and there isn't another one that comes close to melon boba. It has the best taste. Definitely the best fruit flavored juice out there by far. I usually get this from a local shop but it is a MUCH better deal to buy direct for the 120ml. I ordered this yesterday and got it at 1030am today. Love the fast service! I will be reordering as SOON as I get low! Thanks good life!!!

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    Minty Melons!!!

    Posted by Damien Branker on 17th Aug 2017

    A great and delicious blend of mint, melons with a splash of cream! The throat hit is smooth, cloud coverage is good and the flavours are spot on although the cream notes are sometimes hard to detect. Easily an all day vape!

  • 5
    Pure Melon

    Posted by Sultan on 28th May 2017

    Pure Melon with a little touch of mint. The taste is perfect with real throat hitting of Melon. It just like you are eating Melon.

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    My mistake :(

    Posted by Victoria Carusone on 24th May 2017

    I've ordered the Melon Boba before and absolutely loved it, my mistake this time was changing the nic lvl. I thought I hit 12 and instead hit throat still isn't talking to me. Otherwise this is amazing in flavor (in lower lvl for me) haven't found another that quite meets this one. Keep up the great work.